"Legal site of Natalya Pleshkova" is the project that combines efforts of its author – a Ukrainian lawyer Natalya Pleshkova and its web-master – Serhiy Skybun. The purpose for creating this project is to make the information opened and the knowledge in Laws available for those who need it. This site is functioning on the basis of responsiveness, disinterestedness and hard work of its makers. This site performs the unification of legal theory and practice in one source. Here you can find:

  • the overview of the situations related to the use of law;
  • advises on legal questions from different fields of life and business activity;
  • theoretical material providing the basic knowledge of law disciplines;
  • the library for students that helps them to study Law.
The advises on legal questions, that are available within this project, help people, who do not have an opportunity to get other legal support, to turn their idea of their situation from the point of the legislation in force, to help them make a preferable decision. All advises are responses to the letters we receive from the visitors of our site. We provide them on the site in the special section what makes them also available for those visitors that may have similar questions. Doing that we do not disclose the information about the sender. All the information you can find on the site reflects the remarks of its visitor, who point on what they would like to see in the sections of the project. The author of the site constantly supports back contact with the visitors giving all of her free time to their problems. None of the letters is left without attention.

Available since December 2000, Internet project "Legal site of Natalya Pleshkova" provides the legal and related information for the people that do not have an opportunity to get paid legal service. Some visitors are located so that the Internet is the only way for a person to get necessary information. Free information and openness of the project help the site to become more and more popular among internet users, attracting people not only from Ukraine. According to the site’s statistic (status on August 2001) the questions sent to take legal advise came from: the city of Kiev – 28,3% of all, other regions of Ukraine – 55%, Russian Federation – 10%, Republic Belarus – 1,7%, other countries – 5%.

"Legal site of Natalya Pleshkova" does not have a special financial support therefore it cannot satisfy all the remarks its visitors make. For example, the updates appear only after the author of the site composes them. She spends most of her personal time for that because the site does not have the funds to attract other consultants. The information of the site is provided in Russian and Ukrainian in one page since the translation of the files and demonstration them separately in Russian and in Ukrainian would cause delays and postpone the updates, some of which can be urgent. It is the reason why we do not want to complicate the process of updates’ preparation for the author. Due to the lack of funding we do not attract the translators and editors. The makers of the project wish to make also an English version of the site but the lack of funding brakes the realization of this idea. However the territorial difference of our audience dictates the necessity to appear the full versions of our site in mentioned languages. «Legal site of Natalya Pleshkova» is a noble and helpful source, which helped already a lot of people and will give much more help in the future. The creators of the project are positive about this. The best evidence that proof this is the letters of our visitors full of thanks and the kind notes in our guest book. We are glad when someone want to become our partner, to support our project, to help it growing, broadening and perfecting.


Sincerely yours,
Natalya Pleshkova.